Dad was picking up his two kids, but didn’t expect to encounter this creature on the way

This viral video shows a heroic driver rescuing a kitten from certain death on a busy highway, while risking his own life in the process. The cute little kitten is seen in shocked and trapped right in the middle of a busy highway in Russia.

For more than three minutes, multiple cars drive by, swerving out of the way to avoid the kitten in Kaliningrad. Moments later, two trucks pass directly over the feline as it lays between the wheels in the middle of the road.


Finally, a Peugeot pulls up near the cat and the driver turns on the car’s hazard lights before quickly exiting his vehicle. As other drivers continue to speed by, the Good Samaritan scoops up the kitten and carries it into his car.

The heroic driver was later identified as Denis Degtyarev, who told local news outlet Life.Ru that the adorable black kitten is unharmed and has found a new home.

Photo by bryansk today

“I checked him quickly as I picked him up. He looked deeply shocked but all right in that nothing was broken or badly bruised. There was no blood,” Degtyarev explained. “I drove it to the sport school which my kids attend, and friends of ours quickly found him a new family. He is doing well now.”

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