Mother Dies After Giving Birth, What The Newborn Does Next Is a Miracle!

Child birth is an extremely difficult thing. And sometimes mothers or their babies just don’t make it.

But when this baby boy saw that his mother was unresponsive, he did something that completely changed her life. You’ll be shocked at how he revived his dead mother!

baby boy’s cry revives dead mother 2

At Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, a mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy. According to a witness’s report, after the baby’s birth, the mother unexpectedly died. Everyone was distraught – even her baby. Could she possibly be revived?

baby boy’s cry revives dead mother 3

The doctors didn’t reveal what caused her sudden death and were left confused and hopeless. The mother had allegedly passed away for three hours.

But then her newborn baby boy reached out and performed only what could be classified as a miracle.

baby boy’s cry revives dead mother 4

The baby boy touched his dead mother’s face and cried into her ear. When the dead mother came in contact with the baby boy, he revived her. His cry seemingly brought his dead mother back from death. She began to open her eyes and say hello to her baby for the first time…

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