Cantonese Cuisine: Steamed Sea Bass

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Steaming is a seemingly easy way to cook fish. To get the perfect tender and delicate texture, however, it’s crucial to control the temperature and timing precisely. The texture will be right if the temperature is right. A fresh fish, with just a little bit of seasoning becomes the simplest yet most delicious dish on the table – Chinese steamed fish.


  • Sea bass
  • Ginger, sliced
  • Ginger, shredded
  • Scallion, stalks
  • Scallion, shredded
  • Chili pepper, shredded
  • Sesame oil
  • Scallion infused oil
  • Scallion infused soy sauce
  • Salt & pepper



  1. Prepare the fish and remove extra moisture.
  2. Steam the serving plate in the steamer on high heat.3-2-%e6%b8%85%e8%92%b8%e9%ad%9a-4
  3. Place scallion stalks underneath the fish, sprinkle some salt, place a few slices of ginger on top, and then add a little scallion infused oil. Steam for ten minutes.
  4. Separate green and white parts of the scallion. Shred the white part and chop the green part.3-2-%e6%b8%85%e8%92%b8%e9%ad%9a-5
  5. Discard steamed ginger and scallion slices, sprinkle some pepper, sesame oil on top. Place white part of the scallion on the bottom, and then shredded ginger, shredded chili pepper, and sprinkle green part of the scallion on top.
  6. Heat scallion infused oil on high heat and pour over the fish.
  7. Add a drizzle of scallion infused soy sauce on the plate. Ready to serve.3-2-%e6%b8%85%e8%92%b8%e9%ad%9a-1



From the Chef:



If you pour it (the soy sauce) over the fish, the fish absorbs all the soy sauce, then it would be too salty. To make the sauce, we marinated scallion, coriander until the juice is released. Add the juice to the soy sauce to dilute it, so it won’t be too salty. The sauce also has the natural flavor from the herbs. We don’t need to add anything else.

Less is more.

– Chef Luo



It’s easier for shredded ingredients to release flavor when the oil is very hot, and you can drip it over the ingredients. Because the temperature is very high, when it is poured over the scallion and ginger, the juice from the scallion and ginger is released and gets absorbed into the fish.

– Chef Luo


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