Little boy saves twin brother from being crushed

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These two-year-old twin brothers will have an adventurous and heartwarming story to tell for the rest of their lives. Brock and Bowdy were caught on their family’s nanny cam doing what toddlers do – being curious, playing, and climbing on things.


While looking for a way to scale to the top of their dresser, they quickly discover that pulling out the drawers make for great steps, or so they think. 


Both Brock and Bowdy climb into the dresser drawers at the same time, the imbalance causes the piece of furniture to fall on top of both of them. Bowdy escapes the brunt of the collapse, but Brock quickly finds himself suddenly pinned under the weight of the entire dresser.


After assessing the situation, Bowdy takes matters into his small hands and moves the piece of furniture to save his twin brother. 


Both boys were ok, but this serves as an important reminder to parents and childcare providers just how important it is to childproof every room and all furniture and appliances. Not all accidents such as this one have resulted in just a “scare.”



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