Suicide bombing kills 72 people in Pakistan

It’s the latest in a recent string of massive attacks in Pakistan—but this one has left scores of children dead.

Medical workers say a suicide bomber appears to have targeted the women’s wing of a Sufi temple in the country’s south, killing at least 72 people, including some 30 children.

The death toll is likely to rise.

The temple was fuller than usual at the time of the attack on Thursday, Feb. 16, the day of the week when the largest crowds come to participate in ritual dances and prayer.

Rescuers were still searching through the rubble for remains and survivors.

The Islamic State, or ISIS, claimed responsibility.

The explosion comes less than a week after another bombing killed 13 at a protest in Lahore. That attack was claimed by a faction of the Taliban.

After years of Pakistan improving security in the country, rival Islamist militant groups are now carrying out their threats in a new offensive.

The government has vowed vengeance, and it immediately closed its border with Afghanistan.

The militants have presences in both countries.

(Reuters, NTD Staff)

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