According to GoodYear, tires in the future will be spherical

To date, car tires have been cylinders, round, but with vertical side walls and center, rather like a traditional hollow doughnut, However this could change in future, according to GoodYear.


When using a spherical tire, it would be possible to drive sideways, without changing the orientation of the car. This would come in quite handy, especially when it comes to parking — A car with spherical tires  would be able to move in any direction, and turning on the spot.

The tire company visualized all of this in the video, which you can watch. But for now, it still looks a bit futuristic, doesn’t it.

A more down-to-earth technology by Michelin is already in use for several heavy building machines.  The tires are still the same cylindrical shape as an ordinary tire, but they won’t go flat.

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