Cancer didn’t allow this couple to marry for 6 years, free wedding contest helped them walk the aisle

Cancer spoiled the wedding plans of a couple and their marriage kept on getting delayed for six years. Finally they could walk the aisle together when they won a free wedding contest. It was a teary and heart touching affair!

In 2011 Ashley Wood and Karen Sochanchak were considering marriage, they had been together for a while, and they were extremely happy. Then misfortune struck. Ashley was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and then came the second blow; Kevin was diagnosed with stage-four stomach and esophageal cancer, and was given 6 months to live.

Luckily Kevin outlived his doctor’s prognosis. Kevin proposed to Ashley in 2015, but the couple put off their wedding day to a later stage. It so happened that they took a chance and entered a contest for a free wedding.

People nominated them and voted for them. They won the gift of a free wedding and wed on the 11 February …exactly 11 years after they met.

A video by World News shows it was very moving for everyone to see these two people marry under the most difficult circumstances.

Screenshot of Youtube video.
Screenshot of Youtube video.

Ashley has since been in remission since 2016, but Kevin was placed in hospice just days after their wedding day.

The couple are spending everyday with one another, loving and cherishing each other.

This brings to mind that no matter how impossible things seem, if you are meant for each other, you will be together in the end.

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