Couple adopts dying neighbor’s three kids, and found their home transformed…

This will renew your faith in humanity, and the belief that doing good is met with good.

Audrey and Tisha were neighbors. Both occupied with work, and eight children between them they barely had time to greet each other.

One day, Audrey, a single mother of three, was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. Desperate, and wanting to give her children a safe and good home, she asked her neighbor if she would be the guardian of her children.

Tisha and her husband said yes, “Because children deserve to be children,” Tisha who had been brought up in an orphanage, explained in an interview with Fox5 KVVU-TV, “They deserve a loving family and a place to call home.”

Fox5 offered to remodel a room for two of the eight children. The family of 10 went to stay elsewhere for a few days until renovations finished, and upon their return found the home completely transformed….

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