Stunning rainbow patterns inside cut glass, what beautiful art!

Astonishing art does not always include a complicated creation process, but these stunning pieces of artwork certainly do.

Jack Storms found his inspiration when he stumbled into a glass art studio near his university, and decided to make his own unique style of glass art. Combining lead crystals, and dichroic glass with a cold cutting glass process, he was able to  form these incredibly sparkly pieces of art.


Some pieces can take the artist several years to create. Naturally, it takes even longer for large custom sculptures. So if you want your very own sparkly glass art, make a request, wait patiently, and have at least 30,000$ available for your payment.


His artworks are available for purchase at Fine Art Galleries in the US. Depending on design, size, and intricacy of the pieces, prices range can vary from $6,000 to over $60,000.

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