Is this real? Terrifying game of ping-pong…with knives

Titled “Tumba Ping Pong Show”, a clip on YouTube went viral. A man throwing real kitchen knives, and his target catching them on ping pong paddles. But is this real or photo-edited?

Starring  the thrower, “Slightly Mad Max,”, assistant grip “DJ Coolman” and a cute blonde, called “Miss Ping,”, million of viewers watch as — lets call him Max — throws multiple knives, while Miss Ping waits a few feet away, to catch these spinning knives mid-air ,with a set of ping pong paddles.

This alone isn’t harrowing enough, DJ Coolman holds a pineapple above Miss Ping’s head, and Mad Max beheads the fruit with his flying cutlery.

Unfortunately it’s all faked, well not all, but pretty much. By pointing out how the clever video editing was done, a second video appeared on YouTube, debunking the first one.

Nevertheless, even if it’s faced, the original Miss Ping video is still pretty cool. Let’s watch the original first:

Did you noticed this little flutter of her skirt at 0:08? Well if you did, you are on the right track — If not, here is the video proving it is fake:


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