Very touching Thai commercial of deaf girl becoming an amazing violinist

“As long as their hearts keep beating, people will never stop loving and being moved by love”, said Alice Munro, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2013. Her touching masterpieces proves what the Canadian author said in her speech when being awarded the prize.

We experience moving things throughout life, even in advertising. This commercial below is one of the ads which successfully tells an emotional story to audiences.


One day a little girl came across a street violinist who was playing ‘Canon in D Major’ by Johann Pachelbel. Unfortunately, she was deaf and therefore did not hear any notes at all…


A schoolgirl playing piano who always looks down on the poor deaf girl

Against all odds she decides to practice the instrument. A fellow schoolgirl aiming for greatness on the piano and practicing with her quickly revealed her disability.

Desperately disappointed she left and came across the street musician again, who apparently knows the struggle of being deaf. He’s asking her in sign language if she still plays the violin, her reaction is worth a thousand words.

Little girl overcomes what that schoolgirl has done to her and keep practicing violin with the street musician

Believing in this little girl he gave her a new violin and encouraged her to play again.

Watch this magical story and see what happens:

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