Ever seen someone balance a gas can on their head while riding a bike?

Have you ever tried to carry something on your head while walking or…biking?

In some Asian countries people commonly transport gas containers on motorbikes, but one guy in India prefers to do his job using a bicycle. It’s pretty hard to tie a heavy gas container on a tiny back seat of a bike, so this guy gets creative.

He carries the gas container on his head while riding a bicycle.

Carrying stuff on top of the head has been practiced since ancient times. People carry baskets of food, or bundles of clothes on their heads. The practice is efficient in the time or places where no vehicles are available for carrying burdens.

Regardless of vehicles running all over the busy road, this gas container transporter still does a good job by using his head and bike.

See how he manages to balance himself on the bike with a gas container atop while stopping before a traffic light!

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