Shen Yun dazzles Las Vegas with stunning visuals and superior techniques

You can only judge how good a performance is by seeing it with your own eyes. For a retired couple from the West Coast of the United States, world-renowned Chinese classical dance company Shen Yun delivered a show that exceeded all expectations.

“This show is beyond anything that I have experienced personally in my flying career,” said Gail, a retired flight attendant.   

Gail’s husband Paul Grover is a retired pilot. The couple splits their time between Southern California and Las Vegas.

“You have to witness it to see how unbelievable the coordination and choreography is,” he said.  

The Grovers attended the performance in Las Vegas on March 12. The skills of the performers left them thoroughly impressed.

“I cannot really put a term to express the talent and the structure and the discipline and the happiness that they present,” said Gail.  

“It’s the training and the technique and the synchronization, and then throw in the colorful costumes. But above all, it’s the spirit that comes through,” she said.  

“You have to see it,” said Paul.

“I can’t believe that many people can do everything that coordinated and calculated. No one’s higher or lower in a kick, it’s like they’re mechanically connected. I’m really impressed.”

The show not only dazzled Gail’s eyes, but also elevated her spirit.

“It just stirs up so much emotion,” she said.  

“I tell you, you cannot walk out of here and not want to pass along the good spirit given to you by this performance.”

The Grovers are excited to pass on the experience to their friends and family.

“It’s lovely, it’s peaceful, it’s calming, it’s inspirational,” said Gail.

“To be able to come and see this show is one of the great thrills of my life.”

“The best I’ve ever had as a live performance, and I’m going to recommend it to everybody I know,” said Paul.

Shen Yun will perform in Waterbury Connecticut next on March 18.

(NTD Staff)

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