Wildfire near Boulder forces residents to flee

Firefighters are so far successfully battling a 62-acre wildfire just west of Boulder, Colorado on Monday, March 20.

About 250 firefighters and 50 pieces of apparatus have been employed to contain the blaze, including aircraft. So far the firefighters’ efforts have kept the blaze from expanding.

However, the firefighting team doesn’t think the fire can be extinguished today, and are already planning operations for Tuesday.

Police have ordered the evacuation of 426 home which might be threatened by the fire.

“Today was a great day with the fire, probably better than anticipated with the weather conditions. Probably the most remarkable news is the fire remains at 62 acres, said Boulder County Sheriff’s Commander Mike Wagner.

“‘Things get exponentially more complex in the dark. We are not able to use aircraft in the middle of the night, evacuations are harder—so we are going to keep the mandatory evacuation order in place. At this point that affects about 426 homes within the mandatory evacuation perimeter.

“The plan for tomorrow is to continue air operations, probably on a slightly lesser scale. They’re probably going to try to dig line around the fire.”

A Boulder County Sheriff’s spokesman said the fire might have been caused by campers or transients who use the area.



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