Uber president quits unexpectedly

A shock exit for Uber: the company’s president Jeff Jones quitting on Sunday (March 19) after just six months, added to a list of problems that have hit the company hard in recent weeks, putting its future into question.

Uber has been dogged by allegations of sexual harassment, stealing designs, and secret technology and a video of CEO Travis Kalanick tearing into a driver who complained about pay hasn’t done the compete any favors.

Jones was brought on to help soften Uber’s often abrasive image.

It’s not yet clear exactly why he’s he’s stepped down, though his role was put into question earlier this month after Uber started looking for a chief operating officer to help Kalanik run the show.

Jones isn’t the first high-level exec to leave the company in recent months.

In February, a top engineer was asked to resign over sexual harassment claims from his previous job.

Two other high-ranking members of staff also departed earlier this month.


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