Samsung releases the Galaxy S8 to replace exploding Note 7

Samsung has introduced its next generation of smartphone, the Galaxy S8, hoping the new, bigger platform will erase people’s memories of the Note 7, which regularly caught fire.

There are two Galaxy S8s, each larger than past Samsun offerings, and both with curve-edged screens.

Though taller, the new phones are no wider, so they can still be used with one hand.

Samsung has also removed the physical Home button, making it a permanent part of the video display.

Samsung has also introduced a new voice assistant, Bixby, which it claims will eventually let owners use their phones exclusively by voice command, though at release, only certain voice-operation functions have been included.

Samsung believes it has eliminated the design- and quality-control issues, which led to Note 7’s $5.3 billion recall.

The new phones are examined by X-ray and tested at extreme temperature.

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