Top 16 spectacular drone photos from around the world, winners from Sky-Pixel Photo Contest

Drone technology had become very much a part of modern photography today. It’s a fabulous way to get a birds eye view of our surroundingsvery much like an ‘eye in the sky,’ which allows us to capture scenes from high up, and observe the world from a completely new angle.

Sky-Pixel Photo Contest received more than 27,000 submissions in a battle for the top shot. While viewing this superb drone photography, we are swept up and suddenly see the world anew; the earth’s fields and landscapes turn into patterned quilts, and all manner of people: rich or poor, old or young, become equally minuscule. Drone photography gives us an opportunity to look at our world from a fresh point of view.

The Contest was open to amateurs and professionals alike, and consisted of three categories: Professional Beauty, 360, and Drones in Use.  Here are the judges’ final choice for the Best Drone Photos, which seemed to have all the markings of great picture taking.

A beautiful selfie won second prize in the Professional Beauty Category.

A beautiful selfie.
Credits: SkyPixel/Brendon Dixon,,,,

Green Waves won second prize in the Enthusiastic Beauty Category.

A beautiful area.

Fishermen Close The Net won the Grand Prize as the 2016 Skypixel Photo Of The Year.

Fishermen at work.

Misty Sunset won an honorable mention

An awesome sunset.

A Beautiful Neighborhood won an honorable mention. How splendid!

An overhead view of a beautiful neighbourhood.

Sleepy Town won an honorable mention. Looks like a wonderful place.

A great view over a sleepy town.


Journey. This great shot of an exploration party won first prize in the Professional Beauty Category.

A great view of an exploration party.
Credits: SkyPixel/Hanbing Wang

Ice River won third prize in the Amateur Beauty Category. A beautiful shot of a frozen river.

Overbridge won first prize in the Enthusiast Beauty Category. What a great shot!

Awesome overhead view of a bridge.

Dji 0022 sent in this shot Umbrella, and it won honorable mention.

A lone table with an umbrella.

This shot, called City Cool, won honorable mention. Very cool!

Great view of a bustling city.

 This photo is called On The Terraces and it won honorable mention. Fabulous shot!

Look at the colors in this area.

This photo of a beautiful field in rainbow colors like striped candy won an honorable mention.

Rainbow field.

This awesome shot is called Despectus and it won first prize in the Enthusiast Drones In Use Category. Spectacular!

This is an awesome shot!

This one was called A Happy Morning and it won first prize In the Professional Drones In Use Category.

Is that Rocky?

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