Trump said ‘Tremendous Progress’ in Xi Meeting

President Trump said the U.S. has “made tremendous progress in our relationship with China.”

It comes as he wraps up his meeting today with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

The president thanked Xi for visiting and said he looked forward to future meetings and cooperation.

“We’ll be making a lot of additional progress. The relationship developed by President Xi and myself I think is outstanding. We look forward to being together many times in the future and I believe lots of very potentially bad problems will be going away,” said Trump.

“I would like to thank President Trump for inviting me. The summit between U.S. and China leaders that we held this time is a special arrangement. It holds a special meaning for the future development of U.S.-China relations. President Trump made great arrangements for me and my delegation, and gave us a warm welcome. We communicated in depth for a long time, and we’ve reached many agreements. More importantly, we’ve gotten to know each other better and we also built mutual trust. We are taking first steps toward building a working relationship and friendship. I believe we will continue to strengthen our development, this kind of friendly relationship, to push forward the development of the U.S.-China relationship, for the benefit of the people in both countries, and to carry our historic responsibility to promote world peace and stability,” said Xi.

It is the first meeting the two leaders have ever had face to face. They mainly discussed trade issues and North Korea.

Trump’s grandchildren apparently had a conversation with Xi and his wife in Mandarin.

Last night, Xi joined Trump for a dinner of Dover sole and New York strip steak. After dinner, Trump informed Xi that he had authorized an airstrike on Syria.

In the past, Trump has called on other countries to help the United States on Syria. But China has not expressed an interest in cooperating with the United States on the issue. Earlier this year, China vetoed a U.N. resolution for sanctions against Syria.

Xi and his wife are scheduled to leave Florida this afternoon.


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