Rural drivers have it harder driving electric cars

Rural electric car drivers have found ways to survive despite the lack of charging stations. Some have to plan their trips carefully. Others need to use a gas car on longer outings. And still for others it is not a problem, Teslas can go for over a couple hundred miles without a charge.

“When we really go anywhere I have a whole list of phone numbers of friends who live all over the Adirondacks. So that at moment’s notice I can call somebody and be like, ‘Hi, I’m going to pull into to your driveway. And do you have an outdoor electrical outlet?'” said Sunita Halasz, an electric car owner.

Despite the hassle, electric car owners in mountainous regions like this feel it is worth it to drive clean. Their emissions-free vehicles put them at one with nature.

“It feels good. I love driving down these roads. And the quiet and the lack of emission is Zen-like ” said Pete Nelson an electric car owner.

In the future this may no longer be an issue. The increase in charging station across rural areas will mean less worry and the increase in battery capacity and efficiency would mean fewer stops needed to charge. Other automakers could eventually catch up to the long range driving capabilities of Teslas, and Teslas could also become more widely available and affordable.

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