Shen Yun brings inspiration to ballet dancer in Corpus Christi

Classical Chinese dance company Shen Yun completed its two-day run in Corpus Christi, Texas on April 18. Both shows were sold out.

Kris Johnston, a ballet dancer, attended the closing performance. She said she was inspired by the performance.

“My inspiration comes mostly from being a dancer, and appreciating the rehearsal and hard work that is evident that the dancers and choreographers and everyone involved have obviously put into this production,” she said. “The dancing was epic. To dance in unison with a group of people, in my opinion, is one of the hardest things in the entire world to do. And that was flawless. The attention to detail in the faces, in the costumes, in the set, the technical side of the show was also perfection. I was very, very impressed, and that’s what inspires me. It’s just knowing all the hard work that goes into all this to create a perfect moment for a group of people to come and enjoy and watch life.”

“I loved the performance. The attention to detail was divine. I would definitely come again, I would definitely tell my friends to come,” she added.  

Audience member Carole Geddes also had her thumbs up.

“I thought it was spectacular. It was an incredible display of artistry, color, music, and athleticism. It was sensational. It really was exciting and fun,” said Geddes, a property manager.

She was particularly moved by the positive messages in the show.

“There were some very nice thoughts about purity and goodness and happiness and light. I loved the fantasy, I loved the message. I thought it was very, very enlightening,” she said. “Kindness, compassion, being good in the world. I believe that the artists exemplify this on stage. They showed us. Everything was beautiful and kindness prevailed over evil.”

Shen Yun will performing next in McAllen, Texas.



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