US to work on new bilateral trade deal with UK, says Speaker Ryan

The U.S. wants to strike a bilateral trade deal with the U.K., said U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan.

He made remarks at a Policy Exchange event in London.

“We’re committed to working with President Trump and your government to achieve a bilateral trade agreement between the United States and Great Britain. This is one of the bipartisan messages I bring with me,” said Ryan.

He also said the United States will work with the European Union on trade negotiation.

“A strong UK-EU relationship is in all of our best interests. In that same vein, the United States will work closely with our EU friends and chart a path for a TTIP (Trade and Investment Partnership) negotiation,” he said.

In addition to trade, Ryan also commented on the importance of a strong NATO, especially in the face of aggression from Russia.

“I just want to be really clear so that there’s no ambiguity here: NATO is essential. It has been and it remains critical to the safety and security of the United States, of Great Britain and of the world, and it must be strengthened,” he said.  

Echoing the calls of President Trump, he urged NATO members follow through with the 2 percent of GDP defense spending requirement.

Ryan concluded that close security cooperation needs to be coupled with enduring economic ties.

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