Melt-In-Your-Mouth: Classic Red Braised Pork

Almost every Chinese person is able to recall having red braised pork during childhood. Whenever our loving mothers wanted to make something nutritious and tasty to fuel our body, red braised pork was the first thing that came to mind. Slow cooked over low heat, it is savory and filling. The aromas can warm up a chilly room, and fill your heart with delight.


Red Braised Pork Ingredients:

  • Pork belly (with skin)
  • Scallions
  • Ginger
  • Sugar
  • dark soy sauce
  • cooking wine


Red Braised Pork Instructions:

  1. Cut the pork into long cubes
  2. Parboil meat in hot water
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  3. Chop scallions, slice ginger
  4. Drain out the meat and add fresh oil to the pan
  5. Warm up the pan
  6. Add scallions and ginger
  7. Add sugar for color and taste
  8. Add soy sauce, cooking wine
  9. Re-add the meat and stir-fry with light soy sauce, adding water%e7%b4%85%e7%87%92%e8%82%89-eng-5
  10. Simmer for twenty minutes, or until meat changes to a darker color (which implies a tender texture!)
  11. Transfer to a plate%e7%b4%85%e7%87%92%e8%82%89-eng-6


Red Braised Pork Techniques and Tips:

%e7%b4%85%e7%87%92%e8%82%89-eng-1Red braised pork is typically made with fatty pork belly, therefore, a lot of people might worry about calories. But don’t worry, we have a tip for you! Before par boiling the meat, stir fry it in a small amount of oil on medium or low heat, until the water in the meat comes out and the fat liquefies. This process makes it less greasy and reduces calories.  


Soy sauce: Light or Dark?


Light and dark soy sauce both go through a fermentation process. Light soy sauce is generally used for seasoning, is lighter in color (which you can tell by its name), and a little salty. Dark soy sauce brings a reddish, welcoming color to the dish, and is slightly sweet.

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