Security Council sees emerging humanitarian crisis in Venezuela

The U.N. Security Council held its first meeting on Venezuela, at the behest of Acting Security Council President Nikki Haley.

Venezuela has seen months of violent protest, with 42 people killed, thousands arrested for protesting, and some jailed for being part of opposition parties.

President Nicolás Maduro has tried to shut down Congress, and has called a personally controlled Assembly to rewrite the constitution.

Meanwhile, Venezuela’s economy is malfunctioning. The people are running out of food and medicine.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Haley made it clear she didn’t want to get involved in politics. “We’re for the opposition, we’re not for President Maduro, we’re for the Venezuelan people,” she proclaimed.

Haley said the U.N. had seen situations like this—and had seen them grow beyond control, with tragic results.

“We’ve been down this road, with Syria, with North Korea, with South Sudan, with Burundi, with Burma,” she noted.

“Why not get in front of this? Why not try to stop a problem before it starts?” she asked.

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