Two cliff divers practice climbing and diving from dangerous Mexican peaks

Two cliff divers are training for upcoming cliff jumps that will put them up against a six-time world champion.

Jonathan Paredes of Mexico and David Colturi of the U.S. made use of the cliffs in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas. They demonstrated the results of extensive practice in the art of flying through the air and piercing the water below.

Jonathan Paredes, a diver from Mexico, shared his impressions of the day, “It was perfect, it was perfect. To be honest, it looks higher from here but once you get there it’s perfect, you know, and perfect conditions, it’s warm, the water is flat, so everything was perfect, yeah.”

These divers don’t need diving boards or pools. They just need a cliff steep enough to overlook the water. They also need the strength to scale the cliffs before every dive. They will soon challenge Gary Hunt and others at the Cliff Diving World Series opener, in Ireland.

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