Afghani women work at TV station amid pressures from society and family

A group of women are taking chances by working in TV. Afghan society believes many occupations should be off-limits to women. This was especially the case when Afghanistan was under Taliban rule. Women faced work and many other restrictions.

That has lessened, but many taboos remain. So this women-focused TV network is a major societal step.

Shamela Rasooli, a presenter for Zan TV, talks about the challenges, “Since I began working in media, I have received many threats. Even my family members oppose my job and my relatives, my uncles and cousins, say it is not right for a girl to work at a TV station, but I ignore them so that I can achieve my goals.”

One male TV station worker decided to give these women an opportunity after he found applications from women for anchor positions at his previous TV station, despite the cultural taboo.

He opened a women’s TV station and put them in front of the camera. Station management will see how Zan TV fares in competition with Afghanistan’s other TV channels.

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