Chef shares how he lost 100 pounds with healthier recipes

Chef and entrepreneur Charles Chen used to weigh 260 pounds. At age 15, he was at risk for diabetes and heart disease.

“When I was younger, people would tease me and call me fat, because I was quite overweight. At that time, the doctor told me that if I didn’t lose weight, I would die quickly. I didn’t want to die young and I didn’t want to have heart disease. Back then, I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night because I had trouble breathing. I realized that wouldn’t do, I couldn’t go on like. I had to eat healthier,” he recalled.

Today, he’s in better shape than ever.

How did he pull off this drastic transformation? A combination of exercise and healthy eating.

Over the years, Chen was able to shed 100 pounds. And he’s become a chef specializing in healthy recipes.

“Traditional chefs always use cream, butter, but I tell them, you can use coconut oil, coconut milk, it’s still flavorful but it’s healthier. For fruits, one should eat strawberries or berries in general because they are low in sugar content. Some people eat bananas everyday. Bananas can actually make you gain weight. If you eat rice, it’s better to eat multi-grain rice, or quinoa, which is also very healthy. Cauliflower can also be used to replace rice,” he said.

Chen said getting healthier won’t happen overnight. It’s best to take it step by step.

“It’s good to do one thing each day, for example walking, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. These are small things but they help you better digest and become more energetic. I even recommend staying outside when you go to the market, and avoid the inside because that’s where the junk food is, whereas the fresh produce is kept outside,” he suggested.   

Chen continues to share his healthy recipes and wellness advice with the world. He’s been featured on many media outlets.

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