Fleshy Prawns Stirred-fried With Pineapple

Flavors: an appetizing dish with sweet, sour, spicy, and numbing flavors

Main ingredients:

●Eight peeled prawns;

●one pineapple
Other ingredients:

●salt ¼ tsp

●cornstarch ½ tsp

●white pepper 1/8 tsp

●salt 1/4tsp

●sugar 1 ½ tsp

●vinegar 1 tbsp

●sesame oil ½ tsp

●cornstarch solution

●water 2 tbsp

●cornstarch ½ tbsp.

●oil 1 ½ tbsp

●ginger slices 1 1/2tbsp

●scallion 2 tbsp

●garlic slices 1 ¼ tbsp

●thai chili 1 tbsp


  1. Peel and devein the prawns, and rinse them well. Pat them dry to remove extra moisture. Add salt, corn starch, and pepper, and marinate for 10 minutes. Set aside for later.


  1. Remove the inner part of the pineapple, cut them into bite-size pieces, and submerge in lightly salted water for about 10 minutes. This step makes the pineapple tastes even sweeter.


  1. Mix the condiments. Be sure to thicken its consistency with cornstarch and water. Set aside for later.


  1. Now let’s make this dish. Heat the wok and add some cooking oil. First, stir fry ginger, green onion, garlic until fragrant. Add the prawns, and stir fry until fragrant. Remove the prawns from the wok. Now, add pineapple and stir fry briefly. Next, add the prawns back into the wok and stir fry. Add the red chili peppers, and pour in the mixed condiments. Stir fry until all ingredients are mixed well. Serve the dish in the empty pineapple shell.





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