Nutella cafe opens in Chicago offering European experience

A Nutella cafe opened in Chicago. It’s the first cafe of its kind. It’s owned by Nutella parent company Ferraro. Nutella parent company’s U.S. offices felt the Chicago food scene was the most suitable.

Nutella is a sweet chocolate-hazelnut spread. Many have grown up eating Nutella. The spread is used in many of the cafe’s products, things like Nutella-filled pastries, gelato, Nutella-topped French toast, and more. Customers can also buy special Chicago edition Nutella jars.

Not every menu item features Nutella. There are also savory items. As NBC Chicago reports, the cafe sells salads, sandwiches, pastas, and other foods. Ferraro hopes to give people a sense of the European cafe experience.

Nutella was invented in 1944 near Turin, Italy.

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