Brave baker attacks London Bridge terrorists

When terrorists attacked shoppers in London’s Borough Market on June 4, most people fled.

One man charged the attackers.

Florin Morariu, a Romanian baker, works in Bread Ahead Bakers, in Borough Market. He heard shouting outside. A terrified woman ran into his bakery, telling him that three men with knives were attacking people outside.

Morariu asked if they attackers had guns. When the lady replied “No, they only have knives,” the baker decided to try to help.

Armed only with a pair of wooden crates, Morariu ran out to confront the terrorists. The baker came face-to-face with a pair of terrorists. he threw one crate at the first one; when the man dodged, Morariu hit him in the head with the second crate, knocking him down.

Right then a police vehicle drove by the end of the street and over the loudspeaker, said something including the word “grenade.”

“In that very moment when he fell, a police car was driving through the main entrance, behind them, and they shouted with a loudspeaker, I think they were addressing me—’Go, go, give the grenade’. I understood, as I said, my English is not very good but I understood and I realized a grenade was being thrown,” Morariu said.

The grenade exploded. Morariu heard the shrapnel hit the wall around him. He was not hurt, but he knew it was time to leave.

Morariu helped other victims hide in the bakery. He then went out to help the victims who were still down.

A BBC reporter asked Morariu why he faced down the terrorists.

Morariu replied, he was scared but he had pity for the victims.

“I am not a hero, I am a normal person. I don’t want to be a hero, I don’t want people to put me in a high place,” Morariu told another reporter. “I am a simple person who believes in God and I believe God helped me last night. I had two-three feelings in that moment and I felt God was with me.”

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