Take your breakfast to the next level with this simple & delicious bacon avocado egg bomb recipe!

Full recipes :


● 1 Avocado
● 1Egg
● 2 slices Bacon
●1 tbsp Honey
●1 tsp Ketchup
●1 tsp Soy sauce


1. Slice an Avocado and remove the skin
2. Using a teaspoon or other small spoon to enlarge the hole.
3. Soft boil an egg for 7 minutes and peel it.
4. Place the egg into one half of the avocado and top with the other half.
5. Wrap the entire avocado with two strips of bacon.
6. Fry until golden brown.
7. Mix the honey, ketchup and soy sauce and brush over the cooked bacon.


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