China Eastern plane lands safely in Sydney with hole in engine casing

A China Eastern plane had to reverse its course on June 12 because of a hole in its engine casing.

The flight was bound for Shanghai from Sydney. The plane is reported to be a Airbus A330 by Australian media.

Luckily, the plane landed without incident and there were no injuries, according to Kathy Zhang, a general manager at China Eastern Airlines.

Passengers were rattled, but relieved they landed safely.

“I hear the noise and I’m not sure what’s the noise but the cabin crew went out and they were very like, they told us to fasten our seat belt and they tried to calm us down but we were actually very panicked because we had no idea what’s happening. Yeah, so we were just, it was quite a scary end,” said a passenger named Eva.

“I just heard the engine went all, the left engine made a funny sound, sounded like it dropped a piston or something but it’s all good. The crew were amazing, they looked after us really well so, these things happen, right,” said Martin Muhlmann, another passenger.  

The Australia Transport Safety Bureau said it was investigating the incident.

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