‘There is dignity in every honest job,’ President Trump tells nation in weekly

President Donald Trump repeated his pledge to create a pathway to good jobs for more Americans during his weekly online video address on Friday, June 16.

Speaking to the executive order on expanding apprenticeships in America that he signed the day before, Trump said young Americans deserve to have a pathway to a rewarding career that pays enough to support themselves and their families.

“There is dignity in every honest job and there is nobility in every honest worker,” said Trump.

“Our apprenticeship initiative will make it dramatically easier for employers, industry groups and unions to create exciting new apprenticeship programs that place students into high-paying careers. Instead of being wracked with crushing student debt, those who participate will earn while they learn,” he said.

The order calls for an overhaul of existing job training programs that don’t result in graduates being able to access decent jobs. It is critical of the “billions of taxpayer dollars” spent on programs that don’t lead to full-time work.

“These Federal programs must do a better job matching unemployed American workers with open jobs, including the 350,000 manufacturing jobs currently available,” reads the order.

Trump said his administration celebrates the dignity of work and the greatness of the American workers who take on every occupation “no matter how gruelling, how challenging, even how dangerous.”

A revised apprenticeship programs will help students become technicians and programmers, he said.

The executive order lays out a framework to get third-party organizations to develop industry-recognized apprenticeships, and proposes the secretaries of labor, education, and commerce consider regulation to achieve that.

It also calls for expanded apprenticeship programs at the college level and calls for a task force in the Department of Labor on apprenticeship expansion.

“Every American deserves a path to a great job that they truly love. That begins with the right education one that gives students the foundation for a lifetime of success,” said Trump.

“Everyday, as your president, I will be committed to this goal.”

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