Deer Rescued From Middle of Frozen Lake in New York

A stranded deer was rescued from a frozen lake by the Sleepy Hollow Fire Department and animal ice rescue teams in Westchester County, New York on Jan. 16.

Fire Chief John Korzelius crawled over 150 feet onto the frozen lake in pursuit of the deer, at Rockefeller State Park Preserve. Korzelius and about 30 first responders showed up for the rescue, Lohud reported.

“Their hooves are like ice skates,” said Pocantico Hills Fire Chief Joe Mahood, via Lohud.

They pulled both Korzelius and the deer to shore with ropes. Korzelius said he spoke to the deer to keep it calm and keep from kicking him in the face.

“We figured he was probably there since last night,” Korzelius said, via Lohud. “He was completely exhausted. He had to be sore, he had to be cold.”

The stunned deer lay on the ground before getting up and limping into the woods. Korzelius said the rescue operation was one of the highlights of his 35 years in service.

Credit: Carlos Romero via Storyful

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