More Dancing Than Bowling but He Makes The Shot

It’s the latest dance craze And it’s the most interesting way to make a spare.

It is not clear exactly why this young bowler felt that he needed to combine setting up for a jump shot with modern dance and an extended baseball windup before delivering his throw down the lane, but it worked for him.

After his dance routine, he nonchalantly released the shot while apparently not even looking at where he was aiming.

He completed his spare and entertained the crowd.

If he had missed the shot he would have gotten high marks for clowning—but since he knocked down all the pins, he comes off as some sort of athletic genius.

Not sure if this will catch on but if it does … stand well back when the bowler approaches the line.

Phase two might be having a DJ in each lane.

Who knows how far this might go? The next Olympic sport?

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