‘Bomb Cyclone’ Rips Through East Coast

The “Bomb Cyclone” storm that slammed the Northeast area turned deadly after leaving at least six people dead.

Footage shows the region being hit with powerful winds, relentless rain, high tides, and historic flooding.

According to CNN, the storm knocked out power for over 900,000 customers from the mid-Atlantic to New England.

Thousands of flights were forced to cancel on Friday, March 2, due to the massive winds.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency on Saturday.

Capt. John Dougan of the Quincy, Massachusetts Police Department told CNN the flooding is “the worst that we’ve seen in years.”

The department undertook over 250 rescues between 8 a.m. Friday and midmorning Saturday.

“We’re seeing homes underwater, their basements were flooded out, the electricity was off,” Dougan said.

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