Missing Autistic Boy Found After 9 Hours Missing in Desert

A missing 6-year-old boy with autism was found after going missing in a Utah desert for nine hours.

On Thursday, March 8, Zayden Milner and his grandmother were shed hunting in Iron County when the boy wandered off and got lost, reported Fox13.

Rescue crews spent hours searching for the lost boy in the desert, working late into the night when desert temperatures dipped to around 27 degrees.

After nine hours, Zayden was found around two miles from where he had left his grandmother.

“They found him up on a ridge and they had to get a four-wheeler up to him,” Zayden’s father, Albert Milner, told Fox13. “He was very lucky. He was a little cold, but other than that was in good shape.”

Zayden is reportedly doing fine, after a checkup from the doctor. His mother, Shae Milner, told Fox13 that this is a reminder of how easily those with autism can wander off. She says that while some people may be quick to judge, walking off is not uncommon for people with autism.

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