Florida High-Rise Fire Forces Evacuation of Over 100 Residents

A huge high-rise fire in Florida forced the evacuation of more than 100 residents.

The three-alarm fire happened in the 3400 block of Philips Highway in Jacksonville, reported First Coast News.

Many of the residents who were evacuated are elderly and have medical issues.

Their return was delayed because officials cleaning up the aftermath of the fire found trace amounts of asbestos.

The fire came just months after the fire department said following an inspection that the build’s fire pump and/or sprinkler systems weren’t working.

The management company was told that they would need to implement a “fire watch,” or a trained person walking around the property every 30 minutes or so to look for signs of fire, or residents would have to evacuate the building until the sprinklers were fixed. Just weeks later, the fire broke out.

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