Have You Seen One? Coyotes Spotted Running Through Phoenix Neighborhoods

Sightings of urban coyotes roaming the streets in a north-central Phoenix neighborhood have been increasing.

One homeowner who wanted to remain anonymous said she doesn’t welcome the beasts.

“I just think they’re bad news because they carry rabies and they’re dirty and they eat pets,” she told FOX10.

Recently there has been an explosion of coyote sightings in multiple Valley neighborhoods. Their breeding season is from January through March, FOX10 reported. They are more likely to be seen because they are looking for partners.

Multiple residents across the neighborhood have captured footage of the beasts roaming the streets.

The anonymous homeowner said the videos don’t surprise her.

“For the last year and a half we’ve had two running around in here and then one last year was in my shrub,” she told FOX10. “I’ve had them a lot.”

Coyotes are adaptable animals that can eat almost anything, according to the National Geographic. They hunt rabbits, rodents, fish, frogs, and even deer. Coyotes can also eat insects, snakes, fruit, grass, and carrion.

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