Volunteers Find Human Head While Cleaning Up Lake Houston

By Janita Kan

Volunteers with Texas Adaptive Aquatics were cleaning up the banks of Lake Houston when they made a grisly discovery on Saturday, March 24.

Roger Randall, a spokesperson for the organization, said about 300 volunteers came out to take part of the annual city of Houston Trash Bash Clean Up, reported Fox 26.

During the clean up, one of the volunteers found a gun — but that was not all.

About 20 minutes later, a mother and daughter stumbled upon a black plastic bag. The pair got a shock when they took a look inside to find a human head that belonged to a young female with red hair.

“It was a young lady,” Randall told the news station.

The daughter was with her mother “out helping clean up and she was picking the trash and found a bag, a plastic bag and it was pretty heavy and she picked it up and found that it was a human head of hair,” Randall said.

Homicide detectives were soon called and they canvased the area on foot and by boat to find other evidence.

Detectives were not able to determine the age, sex, or ethnicity of the head and are investigating whether the gun was related to the case.

Andrew Barr, with the Houston Police Department’s homicide division, told Fox 26 that police are trying to identify the person.

“We’ll work with medical examiners office to identify the remains and who they belong to, and then we will go with our missing person database and go that route of missing persons in the area,” Barr told the news station.

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