Exclusive interview with James Scott Part 1

Welcome! We have a very special episode for you on the edge of wonder with more serious tone compared to our previous episodes but we hope you keep watching till the end because this about very sensitive information, social media, and how your personal data is being compromised.

On this episode, we had the amazing opportunity to sit down with James Scott who is the Senior Fellow and co-founder of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, Senior fellow at the Center for Cyber Influence Operations Studies and Center for Space Warfares Studies. That’s the longest title we’ve ever heard, and rightly so. This guy knows so much.

In part one of the special episodes of cyber warfare, James Scott talked social media, hacking, manipulation, and blackmail. 

Be sure you guys tune in next week for part 2 with James where he unveils even more crazy things you guys need to know about.

Watch Part 2 of the interview here:

The psychological warfare is really picking up big using the digital vectors, but it’s not this conspiracy where the government’s in on it.

Has the government completely infiltrated most of the mainstream media with their narrative? Sure, but right now, it’s about dopamine hits. Creating chaos and steering perceptions using ideological variants slanted takes on the news

Look at where the media is coming from. Look for leading information because the information warfare by our mainstream media against the citizen using cultural Marxism to enforce that message.

But I think people are waking up now.

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