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Bizarre phenomenon: A pig escapes from slaughterhouse, runs into Buddhist temple, kneels down praying

As a pig in China was afraid of being slaughtered it ran away from its farm. It was later


Girl under Anesthesia Confesses Love for Nurse

This girl was under anesthesia to get her broken arm fixed. However, while under the spell of the drug,


Husky and Owl Love Each Other

This husky puppy struck up an unlikely friendship with an owl. When he saw his new buddy perched on


Guy tries to rescue deer

This guy was trying to rescue a deer that had its antlers caught on some twine. However, each time


Dog and owner play hide and seek

This is really a fun thing to do with a dog or toddler. The owner lets his dog getting


BatDad is the best dad

Can you imagine being a kid and having your dad sometimes sport a Batman mask as he waits for


Five parrots that can sing opera better than you

You’ll be simply stunned by these amazing polly-phonic performances. 1. Those fiendish top Fs After a bit of a


The youngest match maker in the world

You have probably seen or heard of unusual marriage proposals, and this one is no exception. In the baby’s birthday party,


Baby goes snowboarding!

Let’s meet baby Sloan, the most joyful baby in the world. Do you know why? This is her first


Artist demonstrates hyperrealistic drawing

This is the artworks that appear extremely realistic to the extent that they trick the eye. (“Deceive the eye”


Girl catches cat fish with bare hands

What do you think of when you hear the word “noodling”? Nope, it’s not like that scene from Lady


Toddler and dog play ball

This little boy with his favorite pal, the family dog, are playing ball outside. He puts the ball on


Exceptional arts in glasses

Meet renowned glass artist Paul Stankard at his studio in Southern New Jersey. The common paperweight rarely gets much


Guy Passes Out on Sky Swing

This couple decided to be courageous and went on the sky swing. They were lifted up high into the


Kids waiting for military dad to come home at the airport

Two kids hold a post in their hands and patiently wait for their dad to step out the airplane. 


Little baby can’t help dancing when her favorite movie is on

This little toddler gets very excited whenever her mother turns on her favorite movie ‘Frozen’.  She runs, jumps and


Mother teaches baby toddler to say ‘I love you’

One of the most unforgettable and precious moments for a mother is teaching your baby to say ‘I love you’.


Lion takes care of baby wildebeest and then reunites it with it mother!

The baby wildebeest was abandoned by its mother, leftery weak and barely able to stand up. It was also surrounded


This short clip speaks a thousand words

A family, parents and their little girl, walked into a doctor’s office in Greece. On the long bench a


You can swim, run, walk all in one in this incredible endless pool

The incredible Endless Pools is the perfect backyard addition where you can swim, run, walk and exercise all in

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