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11 people walk through unmanned security checkpoint at JFK

Authorities are trying to find eight of 11 people who passed through an unattended security checkpoint lane at New


British House of Lords starts debating Brexit bill

The British parliament’s upper house, the House of Lords, on Monday (February 20) began debating legislation which would give


Surveillance footage reveals moment of Kim Jong-nam assassination

Surveillance video footage obtained by Fuji TV, often grainy and blurred, seems to show the moment Kim Jong Nam,

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 16:  Protesters hold signs protesting Planned Parenthood

No federal money for abortion: House votes to overturn Obama regulation

The US House of Representatives has voted to overturn an 11th-hour Obama regulation that banned states from withholding federal


US and Turkish generals meet to discuss ISIS

Turkish and US chiefs of staff have “confirmed” the need to fight terror groups in Syria and Iraq, including


US Defense Secretary chairs anti-ISIS meeting

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday (February 16) chaired his first anti-ISIS coalition meeting in Brussels after a


Trump attacks intelligence community, media over Flynn resignation

President Donald Trump slammed intelligence officials and the media Wednesday over what he called “very, very unfair” treatment of


Startup maps London air pollution through app

Early morning in central London. As queues of traffic slowly snake their way through the busy British capital, Romain


Trump has “no doubt” he will win on travel ban case

After a court refused to reinstate President Trump’s travel ban, the president is not backing down. Trump made comments


Austrian Sets New Mountain Bike Speed Record

Austria’s Max Stöckl broke the world record speed for standard mountain bikes on gravel in the Atacama Desert in

Exhibition Reminds World of Srebrenica Massacre

Former Dutch peacekeepers and bereaved Bosnian Muslims confronted painful memories on Thursday (February 9) at the opening of a


China Challenged Over Organ Harvesting at Vatican Conference

Participants at a conference on organ trafficking at the Vatican have confronted China over its organ transplant practices. China’s


Acoustic Master Strikes a Chord Designing Concert Halls

Inside Tokyo’s Suntory Hall, home to the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. The building has been praised for its finely tuned acoustics

Iraqi Christians Find their Hometown in Ruins After ISIS Leaves

A group of volunteers arrived to once-thriving Christian town of Qaraqosh near Mosul on Tuesday (February 7), three months


Mexican president welcomes deported citizens home from the US

President Enrique Pena Nieto on Tuesday (February 07) welcomed a group of Mexicans who had been deported from the


Longest flight in the world lands in New Zealand

Qatar Airways flight 921, which is set to be the longest scheduled commercial flight by flying time according to


Deadly avalanches in Afghanistan, 119 killed

Afghan officials were working on Monday (February 6) to reach remote villages after avalanches and heavy snow killed at


Japan’s Annual Snow Festival Kicks Off

The annual Sapporo snow festival kicked off on Monday (February 6) featuring ice sculptures of iconic locations, movie characters,


Trump on NAFTA: “Have to make it fair”

Speaking to a group of senators at the White House, President Donald Trump called NAFTA “a catastrophe for our


Senate Confirms Trump’s Secretary of State Pick: Tillerson

The US Senate has confirmed former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State The Senate voted 56-43 in

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