Author: Kai Liu


Tornadoes damage homes in San Antonio

At least two tornadoes hit parts of San Antonio, Texas, damaging dozens of homes but causing no major injuries.


Child pulled out of rubble following air strike in Syria

Video released on the internet by the civil defense group known as the White Helmets on Monday (February 20)


Secret letters written in urine reveal horrors of Nazi death camp

Some 27 letters with secret messages written in urine, sent from the women’s concentration camp in Ravensbruck with information


Travelling telescope introduces students to the stars

At dusk they unpack a heavily loaded vehicle, unwrapping Kenya’s biggest telescope, carefully connecting different parts of the delicate


Trump approves federal emergency funding for Oroville Dam

President Donald Trump has approved sending emergency aid to support rebuilding the shore of the damaged Oroville Dam in


Texas voter fraud conviction results in 8-year sentence

A Mexican national who was convicted of improperly casting a ballot numerous times between 2005 and 2015 received an


Relieved, frustrated California dam evacuees return home

At churches, fairgrounds and other makeshift shelters, thousands of Californians packed what belongings they had into garbage bags and


U.N. Secretary General condemns North Korean ballistic missile launch

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday (February 13) denounced North Korea’s ballistic missile firing early on Sunday (February 12),


Are bacon bouquets the perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Mica Alcantara’s boyfriend Richmond Ulap has just presented her with a romantic bouquet with a rather pungent aroma. The


Hundreds send New Year wishes to the sky on flying lanterns in Taiwan

Marking the end of annual Lunar New Year festivities, hundreds came together in Pingxi, Taiwan, on Saturday (February 11)

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