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Labrador rescued from ice-covered river

The video of a yellow labrador retriever being rescued from the Indian River in Theresa, New York has gone


Comedic animal fights

Whether in a movie or reality the vast majority of us would have seen humans fighting, but few have seen how


Man proposes to girlfriend using soy milk bottles and… she said yes!

There are many ways of proposing, some prefer a romantic dinner while others hope the event is witnessed by many.


Adorable toddler sings an expressive version of “Old MacDonald”

“Old Macdonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O. And on his farm he had a…” Many of us are familiar with


This amazing Japanese art-form turns wood into beautiful mosaics

At a glance, they look like stacks of colored paper, but they’re actually blocks of wood. The colorful patterns


This adorable toddler brings a smile to everyone she meets

“Hi there!” “Hello!” Though this little toddler, Joey, can’t yet talk at a young 16-months-old, she waves at everyone


The catching of the “Phet” ball in Vietnam

Every country has different and unique traditions and festivals celebrated throughout the year. In the Vinh Phuc province in Vietnam,


Tired of waiting for waves to come by? Try sumo surfing!

Some surfers seek the adrenaline rush that comes when riding on big waves but sometimes these waves don’t come.


This 5-year-olds golf skills will impress you

We have witnessed the impressive golf skills of the talented and famous golfers in professional competitions. But have you


Incredible way of removing snow from Port Mann Bridge

Standing at 163 meters high, it’s no easy feat to clean snow from one of the largest cable stay


Financial Consultant Finds Peace and Purpose in Falun Dafa

At 40 years old, Steven Le currently works as a financial consultant at a bank in Melbourne, Australia. Having


Heartwarming video shows India’s humanity

Helping someone in need gives us a warm feeling inside. Sometimes it’s even more heartwarming and inspiring if we,


These photos will take you back to the 1950s in America

Time appears to have stood still in Elgin Park, with cars from the 1950s parked in driveways and in


A quick and easy way to peel garlic in 10 seconds

For those of us used to cooking in the kitchen, we all know it takes a good couple of


13 dogs jump rope, breaking world record

It is not unusual to see somebody jump rope to burn calories — and occasionally, even man’s best friend,


A Book Transformed an Austrian Woman and Saved Her Marriage

Katja, who lives in Austria, fell in love with Heinz when she was 16. The two married four years


Unbelievable! Man Fires 1500 Homemade Fireball Cannons!

Homemade fireball cannons? You might think that’s crazy and dangerous! But a man did it and came out unharmed. Roman


Incredible Time-Lapse Video Shows 300 Vehicles Rebuilding Road in Moscow

We seldom have the chance to witness how roads are rebuilt but now we can. A time-lapse footage showing


Soldiers Get Pranked When They Fall Asleep in Boot Camp

Some soldiers try to catch some sleep in between their training but they aren’t always successful in getting it! A


Dying father wished to cuddle unborn baby girl before his death, so his wife decided for early birth!

Struggling to overcome his terminal colon cancer, this dying dad had a wish — to see his unborn baby girl for first and

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