Author: Kimberly Hayek


A good-hearted boy is rewarded for his actions

Sometimes we have too much or just enough. When times get tough, we tend to forget about others who


Students reveal a heartwarming surprise for teacher who lost her cat

Mrs. Andrews, a math teacher at Joshua High School in Texas, lost her beloved cat when it passed away


Mother panda and her newborn reunite at last

Pandas are some of the most recognizable and loved animals on the planet. It’s no wonder that they are


Guy reveals feelings with loved ones in unique and surprising way

Sometimes we forget to share or ignore telling people how we really feel about them. Or we convince ourselves


Sweet pregnancy surprise in photobooth!

Just another day of fun? Hardly. This young couple were out on a date. When she suggested having some


Little boy saves twin brother from being crushed

These two-year-old twin brothers will have an adventurous and heartwarming story to tell for the rest of their lives. Brock


Family Dog Films Wedding

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary experiences of your life. The goal of every bride and


Baby Seal Surprises Surfers

Surfers get the seal of approval from none other than a friendly water pup Experienced surfers know the rules when

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