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Kitten born with hind legs folded into ‘W’ was about to face euthanasia but one thoughtful vet saved his life!

This cute little soul was born with a rare deformity which just did not make it possible for him


After 18 years of their birth, world’s first to survive septuplets babies finally graduate from college

In the rarest of the rare cases, 7 premature babies were born in November 1997, setting the world record


14 heartwarming photos that will take you through amazingly beautiful life experiences!

Life is full of up and down moments and our emotions are so varied that, sometimes, it is hard


Singer Harry Hudson shares the journey through his cancer treatment and survival with his fans!

Although his childhood days were difficult, Harry has worked hard and has made a name for himself in the


Brave dog protects his canine friend on railway track for 2 days, as she was too weak to walk!

Two dogs were spotted on a railway track braving the cold and the passing trains for two days. The male


Girls honor late friend by wearing her prom dress

Health and fitness are not always visibly related to sickness. Although this young girl was energetic, good at sports,


Family in love decides to send their 20-year-old goldfish for surgery

Love for pets is universal but in this case the pet is a goldfish with a tumour and the


“The Rock” meets his amazing super fan: a young amputee cancer patient

Celebrities are, most times, aware that their claim to fame is due to their fans. Love for the fans


Stranger gifts expensive device to help 4-year-old boy with cerebral palsy walk for the first time

This little child had never in his short life experienced what it was like to walk as he suffers from cerebral palsy.


Spirited 3-year-old Filipino girl departs this world leaving grown-ups with a message of strength and courage

Caitlin Lucas, earned the title of ‘Courageous Catie’, given to her by her near and dear ones. This little


Feisty mother’s love and resolve saved the baby born ‘inside out’

When the pregnancy was confirmed, the parents were extremely happy. But the happiness was short lived, when, at the


A young at heart 89-year-old surgeon continues to perform 4 operations every day

What would you consider as retirement age? What do you do after you retire? These are some questions that


Huggies display their soft side and reach out to premature babies

Running a business is a challenging task. Most businessmen concentrate mainly on profit-making strategies. But not all businessmen work


A quick thinking, empathetic flight attendant rescues a teenage girl from human trafficking

A flight attendant’s job is no cake-walk. What with nights turning into days and the ever demanding requests from


A cute ‘nosy’ little pup gets his head stuck in a tire and waits calmly for his big rescue!

Pups are so much like curious human babies, always looking for new learning experiences, and often they land up in


Amazing photos showing acts of selfless love and kindness will restore your faith in humanity!

Were we to follow the news channels, all we would learn is that the world is full of horrible,


A brave 11-year-old girl and her dog courageously rescue a goat along with its newborn baby

It is not bravery and intelligence that is required in such acts, but a heart full of kindness and


A kind-hearted nanny donates part of her liver to a dying toddler

Quiet often, when immediate family members are hesitant and reluctant to part with their precious organs, even for their loved


A young, struggling mother’s compassion saves a desperate homeless man from committing suicide

It is not always monetary help that the poor, homeless souls, roaming around the streets require. Sometimes, a kind


Vet avoids putting an amputee stray cat to euthanasia and instead gives him new bionic legs!

A veterinarian surgeon has to make a vital decision that could change his patient’s life: a poor little stray cat who

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