Author: Mikolaj Jaroszewicz


Bull cuter than cats on the internet

Bulls – these ferocious, agressive, life threatening animals that you should avoid at all cost! From bull riding, the


Child loves vegetables – an anomaly? Hopefully not anymore!

In the days when fast food is ubiquitous and children recognize Ronald McDonald but not classic fairy tale characters (like


Become the king of the road

Have you ever gotten tired of the predictable and boring roads going in a straight line and following other cars? Normal


Why aren’t we using these kind of car doors?

Have you ever scratched or bumped into another car when opening your car door? Maybe it’s hard to find a


The world’s strangest and most dangerous airports

From complex control panels to harsh weather conditions, like the ones shown here, Does clapping when an airplane lands make sense?, being

Hand whistle for the wind instrument enthusiasts

Ever wanted to play clarinet, oboe, flute or any wind instrument? Perhaps it wasn’t possible to afford such instrument,


The art of film sound effects

When watching a movie we often don’t think too much about the sound effects we hear. There are in fact


The problem with mobile phones

With social media and mobile phones becoming part of everyday lives we see new and strange behaviours beginning to emerge.


Snow chains that will save you!

Have you ever had problems with snowy weather? Driving your car in a hurry to be on time with snow


Break free from reality

Have you ever felt misplaced, had a feeling like you don’t belong, or even wondered if there is more to


This dog knows the power of positivity

People are so busy nowadays, and being in such a hurry we often fail to calmly appreciate the beauty


Playing music on a huge piece of bamboo

Some of the oldest instruments known to man include singing, percussion and flutes. Singing was discovered for obvious reasons, and


Bollywood dancing

With more than 1000 movies released every year, movies watched by 14 million people everyday and around 3.6 billion


Art of Parkour

Parkour has became a popular pastime over the past few years. Having been in movies, but more and more


Break chopsticks with a money bill?

Asia is a place where having ‘special abilities’ seems to be neither a taboo, or a rarity. There are yoga


The cosmos – the enigma of the age

Living in the 21st century with constant technological advances sometimes feels like there’s no mystery left. The cosmos however,


Short and ingenious way of telling a love story

As we all know every love story is different. Love is a mystery and works in mysterious ways. You


Dolphin – man’s best friend?

Swimming with a group of friends in the ocean? – Sure! Can they be non-human persons? – Why not?! Researchers


Does clapping when an airplane lands make sense?

Ever wondered why people clap their hands when a plane lands? Considered by many unnecessary and a bit out


The Dragon Ball village of China?

A typical westerner may have a few assumptions when they think of Chinese people, they probably imagine the Chinese

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