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Rare mono-mono twins who were born holding hands, now share an amazing bond of love and togetherness!

A would be mother was diagnosed with a rare risky pregnancy, in which her twins only had 50 percent


Child beggar gets adopted after crying and praying for a woman worse off

A beggar boy in Kenya approached a car to beg. When he came to  see and learn of the condition

A tarp covers the body of Monique Nelson, a young single mother who was caught in a crossfire and killed during a shootout at a Sacramento strip mall. (AP)

Mom sacrificed her life to save 2-year-old son in a shooting, 6 years later grandma wrote an open letter for mass awareness!

Six years ago, a young mother was shot dead while she was doing Christmas shopping with her two-year-old son.


Dragon prince of Bhutan poses as surely the cutest royal baby for his first birthday!

Bhutan’s adorable little prince charming turned one this year. Here we bring you the preciously cute prince’s lovely photos


Survival against all odds is the way of life for a stray dog named Bear, living in Hutto Texas

Bear was abandoned by his owners more than five years ago, and left to fend for himself.  The various ways of


Firefighter who helped deliver a baby girl during one of his ‘unpredictable’ duty calls, is now her lovely foster dad!

A fire fighter, received an emergency call, and he and his crew rushed to the scene. They found a pregnant woman in


After the gap of 50 years, a 94-year-old great grandma completes graduation with a perfect 4.0 grade point!

This great-grandma left her studies in 1962 to raise her four children after a divorce, but then after 50


Biological father leaves the bride on aisle, only to come back with her step father to do the honors together!

All her life she was struggling between her torn relations: her mom and her two dads. But she was


10 years ago he almost died due to a gunshot, today he is a dedicated doctor on a mission to save others!

Sometimes life changing events occur just so dramatically, like this incredible survival story that eventually turned out to be a


90-year-old husband with heart disease wishes to hold on to his wife suffering from Alzheimer’s!

His unshakable commitment and the responsibility to take care of his wife, while ignoring his own heart disorder, is


Brother pedals 600 km to see his dying brother, but sadly couldn’t make it on time

This is a real story of two brothers who always helped each other in times of need. When one of the brothers


Amazing couple who fostered over 52 children in the last decade, now adopts five siblings to avoid their separation!

This husband and wife has set a perfect example for the rest of us. The way they came forward to


A mother of two comes forward to adopt 3 kids of her dying best friend!

Being best friends from almost two decades is indeed special, but this predestined bond becomes even more amazing when the friendship


This amazing boy grows hair for two years to make a wig for his bald girl friend!

A ten year old boy decides to  grow hair for two years, just for the sweetest reason of making


The Heartbroken kitten had given up all hope – until the Husky came into her life

If motherhood was about giving birth, it would have been easier. But motherhood is about unconditional love. And it


Amputee schoolgirl defeats cancer and becomes a competitive ballet dancer

Gabi Shull, nine year old ballet dancer fell while she was ice skating. She hurt her knee badly. The worst part


This military veteran was fired from his job because he attended his son’s birth!

This father of four was employed in a private security group on three months probation. When his wife went into


How this stranger comes forward to give his own shirt and cap to a poor old man in sub-way, is truly inspiring!

This is purely a simple and straight from-the-heart act of kindness! The number of poor people below the poverty line is


Tiny Bulldog was on the verge of death when rescued. Care and love brought it back to life. Cuteness loaded video!

Dogs are born with amazing resilience. They go through worst but they continue to love and survive. Little Hopelily


Beautiful bride in tears as she bids farewell to her faithful, charming dog

Dogs are our best buddies! The unwavering loyalty, affection and sense of belongingness they share with us makes them

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