Author: Sunny Chao


With a bite of chocolate, this rastaman can push a car down a cliff … Have fun!

Encountering a rastaman with a bar of chocolate, this jogger (in one variant of the commercial) becomes the unluckiest of


The quickest way to transport beer downhills—use a ‘beer slide’

We all loved down slides as kids, who wouldn’t, it’s fun. For a more adult theme, how about beer


Technology cannot replace love

What do you do when your baby cries? When the baby cries the father just panics, his solution is to call the


Amazing 4-year-old sings with her dad, and she is amazing

You’ve got a fan in people, little Claire! This little girl looks as innocent as could be, and when


Found! Family confirms missing daughter Sarah Dunsey is now home

UPDATE: Sarah Dunsey has been found and is now with her family. “Thank you all for sharing, getting Sarah’s


Make frozen bubbles and preserve them permanently

Remember blowing bubbles as a kid? So much fun, but a challenge to catch on camera. Why not slow them


Have you ever eaten noodle soup in such a huge bowl?

We hope your eyes are not bigger than your stomach for this challenge! The basin-like bowl is a whopping 16


How do you effortlessly shatter a padlock with a hammer?

Have you ever tried to open a padlock when you lost your key? What did you do? Use a hammer?


Couple adopts dying neighbor’s three kids, and found their home transformed…

This will renew your faith in humanity, and the belief that doing good is met with good. Audrey and Tisha


Animated 3-D, strobe lit, sculptures transform to make any shape imaginable

Can you imagine sculptures transforming into different shapes, for instance: blossoming flowers, nests, baskets, or anything else you can


Brushy the one string guitar singer performs ‘Chicken in The Corn’

The world needs more encouragement and inspiration. That’s probably why Brushy, the one string guitar singer emerged on the


Adorable moment captured as twin sister soothes her crying brother

We see siblings fight and argue with each other often or even once in a while. So we might forget they


Amazon River treasure – a mysterious ancient fish caught on camera

In ancient China, people regarded huge fishes as messengers from the palace of the sea world, resided by sea


Does the forest floor really breathe?

It’s not a mysterious movie, it’s real. But with the sound of the wind and the waves of the


This little dog is determined to protect his ‘mom’

Young kids tend to defend their mothers with all their might when they think their precious Mom is being bullied. But


Ultimate funny clip compilation you’d never imagine

Feel tired after a long day’s work? Watch this crazy clip and prank compilation to have some fun and


The inspiring fitness model with no pulse

Andrew Jones, 26, a professional fitness model and bodybuilder has no pulse — he lives and builds his fine


The marvelous process of bringing a 357-year-old painting “back to life”

This 357-year-old painting took 10 months to restore so it could be enjoyed again at the Metropolitan Museum of


Japan keeps a train station open for just one passenger

On a snowy day, we see a young girl waiting alone at a remote train station in Japan. For


Exploring a hidden world: Hang Son Doong, the world’s largest cave

“Watch out for dinosaurs,” a tour guide warns visitors before entering the cave. The prehistoric atmosphere in this ancient

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