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Video – Amazing Catfish In India!

Fish ladders are structures located on or around an artificial shore block, such as dams and dam sink to


Two Dogs Accompanied their Injured Master On the Way to Hospital to Make Sure He is Alright

This heart warming video shows two affectionate dogs following their injured master as he was being rushed to a


Watch As DNA Testing Reveals How People From All Over The World Connected, The Ending Couldn’t Be More Moving

Everyday life prejudice can lead to a lot of misunderstandings, discrimination, hatred and wars between humans . The world’s


What Makes the Water of Caribbean Beach Paradises so Blue?

Songs have been sung, books written, movies made – and millions of photos taken of the liquid luxury that


Incredible one-legged dancers who encountered from their challenges

Sometimes, Life seems to challenge you so hard and give you such a hard time that you may feel


This unique restaurant keeps the beauty of nature even in the middle of city life

This cozy and humble restaurant is serving traditional cuisine in a beautiful natural environment—while being right in the middle

Falun Gong practitioners gathered in New York on World Falun Dafa Day 13.05.2015

International Condemnation for China’s Forced Organ Harvesting From Prisoners of Conscience

It all started on June 13, 2016, when the U.S. Congress unanimously passed the House Resolution 343, condemning the Chinese regime’s ongoing crime of harvesting


6 Most Evil Dictators and Their Notorious Mass Killings in Modern History

The concept of the dictator, or an all-powerful ruler, has been around the term was invented in ancient Rome.

Miss World Canada, Anastasia Lin, has been creating a lot of buzz in the international news for her upright, courageous stance against China's gross human rights violations and live organ harvesting crime. Her latest film, Bleeding Edge, is based on the true stories of the victims of forced organ harvesting -  a crime occurring in China since 2000.

‘Beauty With a Purpose’: The Beauty Queen Who Is Exposing Crimes Against Humanity in China

The thrilling event of Miss World 2016, during which Chinese authorities sought to silence a Miss World Canada, as


3 Brutal Religious Persecutions That Are Still Happening in China Today

Mainland China is the site of some of the largest and most brutal human rights abuses. Chinese of faith

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